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What's Aloette's "Big Party Week" All About?

Aloette gives back! Our Big Party Week is something we do from the 1st to 8th of every month in partnership with Heifer International.

How Big Party Week Works

Proceeds from every party hosted between the 1-8 of each month go to building a $5000 Ark for an impoverished community with Heifer International.

An Ark includes 2 water buffalos, 2 cows, 3 sheep, 2 goats, along with bees, chicks, rabbits and an abundance of resources and sustainable income.

What This Means for The Communities

Each Ark supplies an impoverished community with milk, eggs, honey and wool! It also provides income by supplying goods to sell. It sustains farming by providing livestock to work the land. It improves the quality of life for families today and tomorrow!

Heifer Empowers Women to Take the Lead

Heifer International helps coordinate women-to-women support networks committed to educating and raising the status of women. When women are educated, the odds that their children become educated increases, the more likely they are to provide an income to their family, and inspire future generations to do the same. If female farmers had the same resources as men, more than 150 million more people would be fed. Learn more about Aloette's involvement here.

What This Means for You

Of course, it feels great to support a cause like this, because it IS great! That's not all that's great about it - Aloette wants to encourage as much participation as possible, so EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. during Big Party Week one first-place winner gets a $200 prize pack and runner-ups recieve a $100 prize pack.

If you've been on the fence about hosting a party, consider booking one during Big Party Week. Let's help bring Arks to communities in need! Contact us or reach out to your Consultant for details.

Considering becoming an Aloette Beauty Consultant yourself?

Why not launch with Big Party Week? Start your side hustle while supporting a great cause.

- Annette

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