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What Aloette's tagline 'Share the Beauty' Means to Me

Aloette Cosmetics's tagline is "share the beauty". As we approach the 40 year anniversary of this amazing company, and as I think back on my 30 years of sharing the beauty in Eastern Ontario, I now have a deeper understanding of what that means.

Sharing the beauty is more than skin deep. Sharing the beauty is our purpose statement. What does it mean to me?

We share the beauty of being your own boss.

The beauty of having more time with your family.

The beauty of travelling, exploring, and growing.

The beauty of women supporting women.

The beauty of friendships and mentorships.

The beauty of financial independence.

The beauty of glowing, healthy, radiant skin.

The beauty of building a life you love.

The beauty of realizing that you can achieve absolutely anything when you believe in yourself.

We believe in sharing the beauty with every woman.

Our skincare and cosmetics are Aloeganic with farm-to-jar ingredients that bring out the natural beauty in every woman.

What does sharing the beauty mean to you?

Share the Beauty with Aloette

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