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How to Earn like a Boss with Aloette

Either you already love Aloette and are ready to share the love or you're here because you're looking for ways to earn some extra money. You're in the right place. In this post, I'll share how it's possible to build a successful side hustle and start earning like a boss selling Aloette.

I've been selling Aloette for 30 years and I want to tell you - YES! - it's entirely possible to supplement your income or even make it your only income. I've turned my side hustle into a full-time business (on a flexible part-time schedule).

How to Earn Like A Boss with Aloette

With Aloette, you're awarded by the amount of time you choose to put into your business. It can start at whatever scale you're ready for. Your effort doesn't just go to the company's bottom line - it goes to YOUR bottom line. Here's how.


How to Start - Joining Options

Turn 'one day' into 'day one'. The first secret to earning a side hustle is simple. Start! Direct selling is one of the fastest ways to get started. That said, not all direct selling companies are created equal. These are just a few more reasons why I love Aloette.

So many direct selling companies require new joiners to buy big expensive kits or stockpile inventory. This is partly how direct selling got a bad rep. People were going into debt instead of getting out of debt. Aloette has a unique choose-your-own start up cost option. These prices are some of the lowest you'll find in the industry.

With Aloette, you aren't even required to purchase any inventory. You choose your Starter Kit ($39 and up), get instant access to Consultant discounts (up to 65% off!) and can start selling however you're comfortable (in person, pop-up parties, virtual Facebook parties, Instagram stories, job fairs... We'll get into more of these ideas at the bottom of this post.)

There are 3 ways to join Aloette Eastern Ontario:

You can use the products in your kit for customer trials. You even can take it online by doing demos and DIY tutorials for your followers. More on that below under "How to Sell - Sharing the Love".

Once you've joined, you'll instantly save 25% on our entire catalogue. Not only can you EARN, you can SAVE on products you'll inevitably need to refill or buy.

According to a US study the average woman spends $200K on makeup alone in her lifetime. Imagine what a difference saving 25% and up can make in the longterm!


How to Earn - Aloette's Compensation Matrix

When you join, you'll gain access to your own personal back office. New joiners also get a free personal store for three months ($15/month after) - ie. You can start collecting orders from day one! How much can you earn?

  • Earn 25% as an Aloette Consultant (all new joiners!)

  • Earn 30% as a Sr. Aloette Consultant: one on-track recruit* or 10 qualifying shows

  • Earn 35% as an Executive Aloette Consultant: two on-track recruits or 20 qualifying shows

  • Earn 35% + 3% on personal team sales as a Jr. Field Executive (JFE): three on-track recruits and personal team sales of $4000-5,999** ($1000 in personal sales)

  • Earn 35% + 6% on personal team sales as a Field Executive: five on-track recruits and personal team sales of $6000-11,999 ($2000 in personal sales)

  • Earn even more as a Director, Executive Director, Jr. Vice President, and Vice President!

*on-track recruits have reached $400 in personal sales**sales targets represent monthly sales

How to Calculate Your Commission

Aloette pays commission on retail prices. Here's how to calculate what you'll make on regular-priced items:

Product or package retail price x commission percentage = commission earned

Example 1: Restorative Enzyme Peel (one of our best sellers)

$46.95 x 25% commission = $11.74

$46.95 x 35% commission = $16.43

Example 2: Aloepure Essentials Collection (a popular mid-level package)

$70 x 25% commission = $17.50

$70 x 35% commission = $24.50

Example 3: Platinum Essentials Collection (a popular high-level package)

$155 x 25% commission = $38.75

$155 x 35% commission = $54.25

How to Calculate Your Hourly Income

Some people like to look at income as an hourly amount. Hey - we're used to this when we've been working for other people our whole lives! To calculate your hourly income, keep track of time spent and then divide your take-home accordingly. Here's an example for hosting a show. The average home show brings in $400 in sales and takes 2 hours.

Example: Hosting a 2-hour Show

Total show sales x commission / hours = hourly income

$400 x 25% commission / 2 hours = $50/hr

$400 x 35% commission / 2 hours = $70/hr

Don't forget - when you have your own online store (, you can sell around the clock. It doesn't work on autopilot, but it does extend your reach for time spent on social marketing.


How to Sell - Sharing the Love

I've been pretty successful in my 30 year career. That said, today there are MORE ways to be successful than when I started. The social world is at your fingertips and more people are buying online than ever before!

Here are a few ways Consultants choose to sell Aloette.

1. Host a Show

This is traditionally what people think of when direct selling comes to mind. The idea can feel a bit dated, but not when done creatively. This doesn't have to be another tupperware party!

One way to get creative is by designing theme nights. Don't just host an Aloette show - host an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party! Get creative with and include your hostess in the planning. A plate of macarons, some cute tea cups, and a hand treatment with our Spa Indulgence line can turn an average Wednesday night into a fun getaway with the girls. Options are endless.

Alice in Wonderland Aloette show

2. Host a Pop-Up

Delight people with free 5-minute facials at a DIY pop-up event. If you live on campus, consider doing one in the common area. If you work in an office, invite ladies to the boardroom for some mid-day pick-me-up pampering. Some shopping centres and stores will also welcome you to put up a pop-up table.

It doesn't have to be a facial - it can be a quick hand treatment, makeup application, or something else. Any type of exciting mid-day pampering can be a fun way to delight new customers.

If you're going this way, we have some printables you can use - or, check out the amazing and FREE design program Design beautiful professional-looking graphics for free!

Offer a free service at a pop-up event

3. Offer Free Facials & Makeovers

The offer of free pampering is a way to get new people to experience Aloette and fall in love. Free services are a great way to sell products or even recruit to your team with our attractive low-price My Aloette Kit.

Who wouldn't want to save 25% and up on beauty for life?

Get people in the door with a free makeover or facial

4. Host a Virtual Show

If you want to expand your reach, look no further than your laptop. You can "host a show" on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Host it yourself or choose a hostess to reward with sales incentives (hostesses get great rewards based on their personal show sales).

You can create a private group, set a time, and showcase products through videos and posts, and offer incentives along the way! Once you join, we can invite you to a mock Facebook group to show you how it's done.

Mock Aloette Facebook Show

5. Share Your Voice Online

Thanks to social media, we all have the power to be influencers. Snapchat, Intagram Video, Facebook Live, and Youtube are all great platforms for sharing product tutorials and any updates. Almost every smartphone is also a video camera, so it's easier than ever to share your own content!

Feature Aloette with some of the following video ideas:

- Share how to do a facial in under 5 minutes using the Enzyme Peel

- Share your morning makeup routine using the Aloepure, Platinum, or Aloeclear lines

- How to do the perfect smoky eye using Beauty by Aloette

- How to contour using our 7-piece cruelty free brush-set

These aren't the only ways. Our Consultants are free to be creative in sales approaches (just no other e-commerce platforms - ie. Amazon, eBay, Shopify).

Example of Sharing Your Voice

Canadians are shopping online more than ever before: statistics show e-commerce spending is surging by 15% each year, and, according to eMarketer, is expected to reach almost $50 billion by 2019. People are more comfortable buying before trying than ever before. Selling products online has never been more attractive!

And the best part - you can work from anywhere!


How to Recruit - Growing Your Team

Earlier in this post you saw our Compensation Matrix. It demonstrates how you can level up your business by growing your team. Here are a few ideas for how to do that:

3 Approaches to Recruiting:

1. Invite friends and family looking to save on beauty.

As mentioned above, the average woman spends $200K on makeup alone in her lifetime. Invite friends and family you feel would want to save 25% and up for life!

Turn a recruit into an on-track recruit by sharing the earning opportunity. (An on-track recruit has $400 in her own personal sales).

2. Invite friends and family looking for a side hustle.

More than 1 in 4 millennials work a side hustle. Having multiple sources of income is a great way to pay off debt and save for the future faster. As you've seen, Aloette's compensation model is one of the most competitive in the industry.

Some of the benefits we share:

  • No mandatory shows - sell however you're comfortable

  • Set your own hours and work from anywhere

  • No inventory required

  • A personal website (free for 3 months!)

  • Travel and jewelry rewards

3. Go beyond your personal circle.

You'd be surprised how many people are looking for ways to earn extra income (um... everyone!)

Post on job boards and ask us about participating in job fairs to grow your team beyond your personal network. Freelance is more attractive than ever with more and more people wanting to work on their own terms.

It's estimated that by 2020, 40% of the workforce will be freelancing. A 2015 study by Elance UK found that 87% of recent graduates considered freelancing a highly attractive career option. 69% said it offers more work-life balance. But only 29% considered it part of their career plan. Why? Maybe there needs to be more conversation about how to get started. Direct selling with Aloette is one way to get started fast.


What Are You Waiting For?

I hope you've enjoyed this breakdown of the ways you can join, save, earn, and recruit with Aloette Eastern Ontario. We're one of the fastest growing teams in North America (#3 for growth!)

It's never been easier to start a side hustle. If you have any questions, email me at or reach me through our Facebook page at

I'm so excited you're considering starting your freelance business with us! I can't wait to help you succeed!

- Yours in beauty,

Annette Gencarelli

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