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I know starting a business can feel scary. I've been there.

Direct sales can be intimidating. Odds are you have one or two friends on Facebook who do it, some successfully and others unsuccessfully. You may be asking yourself - how would I do? Can I actually do this?

I have a little secret for you... you can!

Facebook wasn't around when I started 30 years ago, but those nervous feelings sure were. Knowing that Aloette products are natural, cruelty-free and truly effective made me proud to share it with others.


Aloette has one of the most generous rewards and commission programs in the market. It's not oversaturated, and once people discover it, they're hooked. I've earned all-expense-paid luxury trips and a beautiful jewelry collection thanks to this company. This is on top of regular paycheques that allowed me to quit my 9-5 desk job and advance from Beauty Consultant to Franchise President. 


In the past 30 years, I've not only experienced this myself, but I've seen it happen for countless women across North America. I'm proud to represent a company that empowers women to live life on their terms. I'm proud to be with Aloette.


There's only one way to know if this is for you. Give it a try. One thing's for sure - if you're at a point in your life where you know something has to change, there's more risk in not trying.

Still not sure?  That's totally okay! I invite you to set up a FREE one-on-one Coaching Session with me to discuss your goals how Aloette can help you achieve them. We'll also sample some products and introduce you to our full catalogue. Get to know more about Aloette before you join. If you decide it's right for you, we'll develop a simple step-by-step plan for a successful launch and business.  

Aloette Eastern Ontario is here to help you succeed!

Yours in beauty,

- Annette Gencarelli, President Aloette Eastern Ontario

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"I was struggling to balance work life and personal life as a busy working mom. I hated my job and knew something had to change."

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