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How I created a life I love with Aloette


Annette  |   President, Aloette Eastern Ontario


Thirty years ago I was working in a job I hated. I worked Monday to Friday from 9-5 every day in what felt like a pressure cooker. It was an office job that came with tight deadlines, inflexible hours, and the politics of an unhappy team. I put up with it for the steady paycheque.


Then I had my second child. I remember the day my husband and I sat down and did the math. After all our bills and with the growing expense of daycare, there was almost nothing left. I was sacrificing my happiness, my time with my kids, and my personal growth to barely break even. Something had to change.


That's when I discovered Aloette.

I joined, with some nerves, but knowing that this was a step in the right direction of creating better balance for my family. I figured I had nothing to lose. I started by hosting my first show with close friends and family. I'll never forget how supportive everyone was. I was worried about feeling vulnerable and exposed, but instead I was overwhelmed with warmth and excitement for my new journey. In my nerves for the first event, I overlooked the fact that my guest list was made up of people who wanted to see me succeed. It was really a win-win, because it didn't take long for everyone to realize how amazing the products are. I still have repeat orders from that first show - thirty years later!


When my guests tried the products, it wasn't hard to convince them to host their own show. Aloette's Hostess Rewards are some of the best out there. I booked enough shows to earn my kit free - just as I've seen happen for countless other women who join Aloette since. I won't say it was all smooth sailing. This isn't a business that works on standby. You need hustle and heart to grow. If you have those two things, you can't fail. If you do the work, YOU see the benefits.


"You need hustle and heart to grow.
If you have those two things, you can't fail."


That's one of the benefits that convinced be to transition to  Aloette full-time. Instead of giving my energy and time to a company that didn't really care about me, I was able to focus on my own bottom line. The rewards for my efforts went directly to myself and my family. I could literally see the rewards of my performance in every paycheque. When I saw how this was working for me, I wanted to make it happen for others, too. Gone were the days of snarky office gossip and competition. In my new line of work, we were rewarded for actually lifting each other up! Because Aloette rewards people for recruiting and team performance, supporting each other's growth is part of our mandate. 


Over the past thirty years, I've shared the Aloette opportunity with hundreds of women. Many have gone on to share it with even more. It's so fulfilling knowing that I've helped others achieve flexibility and independence. Some women choose to sell part-time for a little extra income. Others, like me, choose a path in leadership. With Aloette, leadership is not off limits. It's not about who you know or who you impress. Anyone who is committed can rise in our organization. I'm just one example.


Over the past 30 years, I've risen from Beauty Consultant to Franchise President of Eastern Ontario. In that time, I've earned enough to work entirely for myself. When the business grew further, my husband was able to quit his job to support our growth. I get to work with my best friend every day!


Together, we've gone on countless all-expense-paid luxury cruises and resorts in exotic destinations around the globe. I've also earned beautiful jewelry I get to wear to our glamorous awards galas. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I realize how fortunate I've been. 


As they say, fortune favours the brave. Starting a new business can be intimidating. I'm here to tell you that it's possible.


For those who say MLM companies don't work, I'm proof that they can. Yes, there are some out there with questionable business models, but Aloette isn't like others. Aloette offers incredible products that are formulated with real organic aloe vera, proven to be more effective than conventional alternatives. We have a diverse range of options for bringing out the beauty in every skin type.  We have one of the most competitive commission rates out there - up to 35% on full retail prices! Our team gets discounts up to 75% off. And, one of the biggest differences, you don't have to buy your own inventory. It's a low cost, low risk, high reward model that is hard to beat. 


Aloette has helped me realize my dreams. I want to help you realize yours. 


Stop saying someday. Let's make it happen today. 


Get in touch to learn the ways you can get started.



Yours in beauty,



Annette Gencarelli

President, Aloette Eastern Ontario

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